Michelle-Lee - Founder & Chief Architect

“I am passionate about changing the way online shopping works, to make it simpler, fairer and more beautiful for both the shoppers and shops.”

Having owned and run an online shop Michelle-Lee is acutely aware of the challenges faced by online retailers, specifically how hard it is to be seen online. She believes that the current system favours online retailers with the deepest pockets. This ultimately fails to showcase thousands of amazing small to medium size retailers, who care deeply about what they do, and deliver quality products with great customer service.

 “I feel that for so long there has been this race to the bottom, where the cheapest and nastiest wins out – this system isn’t serving anyone. It is my mission to bring the best online shops together and introduce them to online shoppers on a large scale.”

Michelle-lee is also an avid online shopper and explains that she recognises the current ‘clunkyness’ of online retail:

“For me the most annoying is ‘Tabmainia’ – defined as the act of having loads of tabs open at the same time while you flick between different websites and information sources, trying to decide on what you want – it's total craziness and is in need of a better solution!”

Michelle-Lee also designed and built get the look online (www.getthelookonline.com) and has received rave reviews from the fashion world for this initiative. 

An accomplished clothing designer, seamstress, stylist, artist, graphic designer and business women, Michelle-Lee has for most of her life concentrated on the creation of beautiful designs and styles, be they clothing or websites.

“I am committed and determined to be a driving force that directly influences the world of online shopping”

Michelle-Lee has a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University.


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