Certified Affinity Marketing

Retail Gatekeeper (GK) is an online shopping centre. It is the first global online shopping centre of its kind in the world. However, from the online shops' perspective GK is an incomparable and unique marketing platform. In fact, for small to medium sized online shops, GK is their only cost effective marketing option.

Affinity marketing in an e-commerce sense is when partners genuinely have a common affinity to attract customers, with the purpose of increasing website visibility, website traffic and boosting sales. In addition, partners join together in providing prospective customers with a range of attractive benefits.

Certified Affinity Marketing (CAM) in e-commerce is where partners are independently certified as safe, specialized, secure and skilled at what they do. The accreditation is necessary due to the high prevalence of internet fraud and online scams.

CAM in the case of online shopping relates to the partnership between an online shopping centre and its partners, the online shops. The online shops are independently certified as:

  • Safe to shop at, because they pass a comprehensive transparency test,
  • Specialized in their particular area of retail,
  • Secure in that they use relevant security technology
  • Skilled in the design and sourcing of their products

The certification is comprehensive, transparent and independent. The certification of the online shop is a key element of the marketing mix. Safe, secure, specialised and skilled online shops are part of the unique value of the online shopping centre. The success of the online shopping centre is measured by the number of guests that use the online shopping centre as a base to do their online shopping. Without active online shoppers the online shopping centre will fail.

In addition to certification the online shopping centre includes the provision of an online window and platform through which the online shop is able to present to online shoppers. The platform allows the shop to present its product line, deals and shopping guides in the form of fact sheets, reviews and its blogs. The online shopping centre also posts relevant fact sheets, product reviews, blogs, videos and latest news relevant to shops and shoppers. The online shopping centre engages experts in all category and subcategory fields to also post relevant facts, reviews, videos and blogs. And finally members are encouraged to be active shoppers by setting up their personalised shopping environment and posting blogs, shop and product reviews, videos and fact sheets.   

GK in partnership with their listed online shops have created a brilliant framework for small to medium online shops worldwide, to increase their websites visibility, website traffic and the ultimate prize of new customers and increased sales.

GK together with its partners offer a range of attractive benefits and motivations for online shoppers to join GK as members and then browse and shop at the wide range of attractive, interesting and unique shops listed on the GK shopping centre.

GK provides online shops a framework to market their online shops to GK members and interested online shoppers. This framework involves:

  • Joint Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and framework.
  • Paid and Free Promotions and Publicity
  • Organic social media
  • Trusted online shop programme